Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 31-Mar-2008
Comments: 6
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Bought this and an Associated B4 some time ago off TC member Stulec with the intention of racing them both at my local club. Electric offroad has since folded at my local in favour of smelly nitro buggies. I sold the B4 but I just can't bring myself to sell the ZX-5. I've always been a Kyosho fan and am particularly fond of the LWB Optima mids, and the body styling of the ZX-5 reminds me so much of the old mid.

Added my own paintjob. Love the body styling. Running a Novak GT7, GM 13x2, 4300 NiMH




That is sweet, I'd grab one but they always go for too much coin in TM. You still racing nitro? I still prefer the electric stuff now, less hassle



I highly recommend them Mike. Easily the best modern runner i've driven..... now that I think about it - the only modern runner i've driven lol. Gave up on the nitro a while ago - having more fun driving driving old tamiya's in the back yard



Saw the RTR version of this at the LHS for $299. Was pretty tempted, but RTR's are usually naff compared to the kit versions!



I'm not sure of the exact spec of the RTR but I believe they're actually pretty good value for money.



Electric is getting pretty popular at the Hawke's Bay Club, pity it's a 4 hour drive Just bought an associated B44 and 3PKS 2.4, cars still in the mail, can't wait!



With a bit of luck James there way be leckies racing again at the Capital club. We tried here at the Taranaki club but 1/8 nitro is too prominent.

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