Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 2-Apr-2008
Comments: 26
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I am sure most of you are aware of the Tamiyaclub Community Scorcher which was taken to Japan and given to Mr Tamiya .

I was asked to paint and detail the body for that car. It was all a big rush to get the car finished in time for Chris ( Netsmith ) to take it to Tamiya HQ.

In the end I made 2 identical bodies, just incase one went wrong, but fortunately both came out very well. One was donated to TC and the other was from my own personal collection.

I was left with the second Scorcher body and wanted to make my own version of the TC Scorcher. I had an alloy chassis from Twinset ( thanks Andy ) and J-Man ( Lightningrapid ) made me a set of Front and Rear alloy bumpers. ( John, you are a complete Gent and an Alloy Artist. Thank you ). Mike00top made me a set of alloy Mirrors and one of his alloy Exhausts that was made for the TC Scorcher ( Many Thanks Mike. I know you had allot on, so thanks for getting these done for me). I fitted a set of my Alloy Box Art wheels to the car also.

One vital part was missing though and that was The special Scollins Scorcher interior.

Steve and I have become very good friends since we worked together on the TC Scorcher. We also both love Cars and Motorbikes.

Steve kindly sent me an interior to help me finish my Scorcher and for this I sent him a surprise. A special set of Nickel Plated Alloys for his Super Champ.

Look out !! I am sure Steve will be making these available for sale very soon, they look and fit perfectly. Many Thanks Mate.

I had to make several alloy parts for my scorcher, The wheel nuts, and the Twin rear shock supports, and I also made a custom shaped gearbox skid plate these were milled and turned to look like the ones on the TC Scorcher.

All the alloy castings were cleaned and sent away for Rhodium Plating ( Its what they plate the George Cross Medal with). Next came the Gold Plating, all the screws, wheel nuts, damper hangers, body clips, Twinset chassis, Coil springs and cam locks were treated to the real bling stuff.
I also sprayed some parts with Alclad Chrome paint.

All of the parts were fitted together, the interior sprayed, Drivers heads painted like Scollins TC interior and fitted.
I tried to make it look as close to the Original as possible and think I came very close.

Hope you like this Version too.

Sectioned side Solid side Chassis Front Chassis Rear Scollins Superb Interior Signed by the Man himself Chassis with Body Driver and Co-Driver J-man's Rear Bumper and Mike00top's Exhaust Front suspension and Radio Box Custom Alloy Shaped Skid Plate

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Tamiyaclub Community Sand Scorcher Body.




Sooopaaa Seeerrrrnaaaaazzzzyy!! - Looks awesome. As normal, absolutley stunning Rad!



WOW that is tamiya fan heaven!

Will this be run at all.. even if it is on the flattest of indoor surfaces it would be good to see it running!


Fantastic !! i love it



This one needs Lithium Polymer Battery, my friend!

flux density


Luv those twin shock set up in the rear... Super COOL !



Absolutely gorgeous Rad top quality and clean work



what a great story. good for all you guys that touched this project. you should be proud.
as for mr. tamiya, one day there will be a giant bronze statue of him in my front yard.



Dang you Rad, my inbox is gonna fill up fast, and I am still trying to get remodeling done on the house in short order before returning to my R/C interior production! Its O.K. such a beautiful car cannot go un-shown for too long. I totally understand... I suppose you are officially the first TC member to own a scollins Sand Scorcher interior! I will be producing many more for all of TC when I can get thru some personal stuff.......My wife is due with a baby in 2 short months so i will be a busy guy any way you slice it!!!! Cheers Rad, looks amazing.





Wow! Now that is a true work of art! The bar just keeps going higher.......

tuff bug


better than original def not one to bash!

Road Burner


Just as good as the first one, if not better!? A true piece of art.

rad22rad Alloys


Thanks for the comments Guys. Really glad you think it compares well with the original. I made some great Friends while doing this project and that is what makes being a member of the club so special. The first one was for Tamiyaclub and Mr Tamiya. This one is for all my Friends on Tamiyaclub.



How about some actionshots in the near by mudhole?



What to say that hasn't already been said 'eh Rad? Simply stunning.



Nickel Plated Wheels! So thats the surprise item This community car redux is too awesome!! Nice to see we have one at home on TC. I gotta know where you sent the parts for plating (gold etc). I've been looking for a good resource.



you don't do things by halfs do you Rad ? if a jobs worth doing eh ?? Looks ace mate but someones been nicking bits of the bodywork mate



Totally stunning once again! The original NEEDS a permanent spot on the tc homepage i think.





When ever I see this I think of that moment in The Simpsons where Homer is drooling and gargles the word 'incapacitated'... nuff said.



I would sell my wife to own this.



This is More than just a thing of Beauty, It Must have been the all round Perfect Package! Quite Literally! 'A Scorching Piece Of Merchandise!'



really awesome work Rad, you must be very proud of it !!!



there is a reason your called the master rad, your work is spectacular!!



Absolutely Stunning
I can not find the words to describe just how superb Rads work truly is!! thanks so much for showing me some of your masterpieces you certainly have given me some inspiration to go to another level on some of my new projects !!
Thanks again



Can't believe iv'e missed this one Blimey i should have gone to specsavers
Breathtakingly gorgeous matey and one of a kind.

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