Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Project
Date: 4-Apr-2008
Comments: 16
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Traded this well used Rare Black Porsche 934 from TC member and Porsche Guru markmws.
Thank you Mark.

The car has had a very hard life as you can see, but the chassis is in pretty good condition. The Body is very damaged and has a very prominent twist in the plastic.

One of the front window pillars is cracked as is a side pillar. The front spoiler is very damaged as you can see in the last pic. The hand painted body is very thick with paint and glue. The inside of the body has not been painted and is the all important Black plastic.

I have an original speed control that i will fit also as the one fitted is not original.

Mark also included an original Black Porsche Box and Bag which has the date filled in by the original owner 18.12.1977.
I have a restored Black 934 Porsche in my collection which did not have its box and Bag, so these two items are really special to have. Mark also let me have a new set of wheels for the car to help with the restoration.
I will be doing updates as i go along with the restoration of the car. It will be fitted with a NIB Vintage set of Acoms MK1 AP227 radio gear and i also have a NIB Tamiya original 6V Battery to install.

My Greatmate Dunkman sold me some NIB Tyres F and R for the 934 so these will be fitted also. ( Dunk you are a Star as always ) The front bumper is not original, so this will be replaced with a 935 shaped item which would have been fitted.

1 The best Tamiya find i have ever had ! The well used Body Chassis Its a Rat but its GORGEOUS Lovely Black plastic on the inside of the body. Loads of work but, well worth it. Chassis underside with nice period sticker I cant thank you enough Mark 1 My Restored Black Porsche with the Box and Bag Unrestored and Restored Black 934's together

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awesome car and what a great project.



An incredible and awesome piece of the Tamiya's history! I like it in that old condition too! Great Find my friend! The extras are the cherry on the cake, very nice too!



Most if us only dream about just seeing one of these, and now you got two of them! Just checked out your restored Black 934 in your showroom, and it's awesome! Dip this body in brakefluid, and the paint will come off easily...but I-m sure you probably already know that.


I like it a lot! rad to the rescue to do the bizz as per usual! gonna be the best out there I am sure of it, put your hyands up for rad22rad!



Rad - You're the man for a job of this magnitude! This car has definitely gone to the right home. It would be interesting to have this one, in this condition, beside your restored one as a before-and-after display.



Looks like a great project Rad, I really don't know anything about these really early road cars but they sure look detailed. I am sure you'll do a stellar resto job!



That porsche guru markmws has one of my former Porsche cars, I surely miss it. Rad, this is a great resto project for you, I am 100% sure you will pull it off perfectly,



A good home for a fantastic piece of history



Ow two...If it was me, I would leave it as it is, it's got character! Besides, what are you going to do about the stickers? You already got a very very nice one already! Compliments!



:O 2!!! you are a lucky man Rad cant wait to see your resto and 2 perfect examples together that must surely be a first!!



Nice to see the Rat in it's new home , Rad . you are certainly a braver man than me !!

petay pan


nice ,i like it as it is ,the used- just raced look!



Hmmm, a nasty little broken bunch of plastic and metal parts - usually it is me that fobs that kind of stuff off on you! Then you build it into the most beautiful example on the club! Nice to see you and Mark are doing business - kindred spirits!



Rad, did you ever finish this resto? Or was it to far gone?

rad22rad Alloys


Nothing is ever too far gone Mark. I have not posted a new model on TC for some time now, but this will be the first resto i will do after i have finished my other projects. Cheers



Nice to see you back with a feature resto car Rad. No doubt on how the end result will turn out. Looking forward to your progress reports

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