Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: New built
Date: 9-Apr-2008
Comments: 6
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This is my new built Cougar 2 'TEAM'. My favorite car in my collection, really went to town on this car treating it to a custom sprayed bodyshell to match the schumacher promo from the same era (see last picture). Its tottaly new built, not a scratch anywhere. I got from e-bay, guy said it had sat on a shelf its whole life, he was'nt wrong!! gave it a dust off added the shell (original, not kamtec copy!) and now it gleams!!

hope you like,

Thanks for looking, Scott

slipper clutch, alloy rollers hmmmmmmmm ballraced steering leevers, super smooth turning no scratches to underside, gotta keep it like that schumacher promo from the early 90's




Blink Blink :_)



now thats an exceptionally good re-creation of that colour scheme. takes me back to the time i first saw this in radio race car back in the 90's. Hats off to you thats fantastic



Thanks mate, I wanted it to look as close as possiable! I did all the masks but I cant take the credit for the airbush work!



Very nice! I remember the original advertisment. Who did the paint job?

flux density


Very nice specimen



Whooaa! That takes me back, I used to race on Weds nights at a club in Irchester, Northants. A chap called Steve Swan (who I believe worked for Schumacher & was sometimes accompanied by Robin - Cecil's son) Used to race there also & would always be trying out new prototype parts - his cars would be just so quick.... as spotty teenagers we were in awe, our dream was that one day we'd be as good as him! The car (well the shell at least) In the promo ad was the car he raced at our club

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