Model: (Click to see more) 58346: The Grasshopper
Status: Extra info
Date: 16-Apr-2008
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Here are most of the parts of a re issued Grasshopper chromed nicely and ready to assemble. This was very hard to do, because of risk of overspray and getting the chrome into all the corners, quite a fiddly job.

I should point out, I am commissioning these by afriend who works in a company that does this - I have already had a few emails from this posting. I need to say that this is not possible to do at home, at all. This is a chrome mirror shine, which is identical to the process in a Tamiya factory on their chromed parts. Sorry to disappoint if anyone thought it was possible to get these results without getting it done at a factory. fortunately I know the guy, so I get some feedback and inside information, but I have to pay! Usually chroming plastics is done in such huge batches that factories wouldn't consider doing less than, say, 1000 pieces at a time. Possibly more. This particular factory works doing chroming for the automotive industry.

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