Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Recent find
Date: 21-Apr-2008
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(Managed to delete this from my showroom)
Gold lunch box from E-bay Decals from the guys in Meguiar's customer services, 'Fat Hog' Hologram decals from Johnstone paints customer services.
Meguiar's Nxt generation detailing spray is Brill for cleaning polly shells and the rubber & plastic protector is ace for tires and chassis. makes it really easy to clean muck of after a good run out
and NO! for once this shell will not be seen doing 30mph upside down along a tarmac road or leaping a tall building in a single bound it is for show only ( nigh on a first for me)

'ok back in the bag!'

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wow I love this !, where did you get the decals ?

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