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Date: 23-Apr-2008
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I'm getting ready to start a custom Boomerang project and wanted to post these pics to help out TC Member: Road Burner.
I saw a recently posting for a Hopped-Up Boomerang that included a rare set of Pro Track Nerf Bars:
TC Member Crash Cramer sent me the link to see if I could identify the part. Ironically, I had just purchased the same rare set at auction.
Below is a shot of the instructions and a quick mount job I did to my Boomer chassis. The screws on the front stick below the bars because they are meant to screw into the bumper assembly when the car is finished. The remaining rear screws are mounted to reinforced plates on the underside of the Boomer. There should be small nylon bushings under the plates if it was mounted with all the correct parts. The front of the bars should mount below the flange on the front of the chassis for the bars to align properly.
Hope this helps.

Installation instructions from original package Close up of rear mount - Chassis flipped over Close up of rear mount - Chassis right side up Close up of front mount - Chassis right side up Front profile of Nerf Bars Rear profile of Nerf Bars


Crash Cramer


That just about says it all Dan, are you gonna keep those screws on it or change over to some Tamiya type??



I think I'll stick to the stock screws; they are custom for the nerf bar set. Should look pretty cool once the car is all together.

Road Burner


Thanks so much for the info! I think I'll have to polish mine. Whoever I got the stuff from did a horrible job of drilling the mounting holes, which would need to be fixed before I run it.

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