Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: NIB
Date: 28-Apr-2008
Comments: 2
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Figured I needed another one after seeing so many cool old and new Hilux's here on TC... Especially liked rad22rad's black one!

Not shure what to do with it yet, think it will stay NIB for a while. Need to finish the one I allready have started =P




Such a nice kit...are you satisfied with the first one? Eventually, I gonna buy a 3-speed myself...but the FJ40 is on top of my wish-list.



I'm satisfied with the first one yes, but I'm not shure about the paintjob... Know about a few things I will do different when I build this one.

Only thing I'm really dissapointed with the other Hilux is how much time I have to drive it =P

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