Model: (Click to see more) 58046: Fast Attack Vehicle
Status: NIB
Date: 30-Apr-2008
Comments: 17
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This item was purchased recently from Jason's store in Japan (I do quite a lot of business with him, the store items are very accurately described and the shipping is very fast - he also tends to price more sensibly than many others) It wasn't listed as a perfect box - it was described accurately, exactly as it appeared when it arrived. However, the condition of the box isn't great, so I will probably build this one. Honestly not looking forward to doing camo!

Shame to have had to really, but I have now restricted comments to logged in members only. This is due to the fact that whenever I post something, there is a propensity for certain individuals to pick holes in what I have said and post anonymous comments (I don't censor my showroom - even if the comments are negative) trying to make be look silly. Trust me, I don't need those people (you know who you are - not people who honestly point out typos etc, I mean those who gloat, insult, spam etc) to make me look silly...If you see what I mean :-) I am a surprisingly easy going guy - I don't think I am special because I have a huge collection, nor does this show that I have a complex (maybe it does, perhaps I have something else very small?) All these little anonymous people are doing (sitting in your boxer shorts, probably with no family waiting for you to come to bed) is spoil the whole point of Tamiyaclub, which is to have fun and share this hobby from all different aspects. Of course, I make mistakes (to err is human) and typos, but the fervent way in which I have been pounced on and attacked (over 100 times in one day, including emails) is surprising. I guess these 'spoliers' must be perfect in every single aspect of their lives. I would be delighted to sit on such a pedestal of perfection, however, I suspect the nature of these individuals is somewhat sadder. All I am doing is sharing my showroom with like minded individuals. Of course, I know that the individuals in question are actually members, however, they are so terrified to show themselves that they use 'spam' log ins to make their statements, which of course says an awful lot about them. To those (majority) of you who enjoy this club, their showrooms, my showroom, the hobby in general and make comments - please make them, I won't delete or edit them ever, but to those pathetic individuals, log in properly, so I can know a little something about the person who is making the comment - otherwise it is pointless to make the comments. I guess it would be fruitless to pretend it hasn't got to me a bit, otherwise there would be no need for this text, however, there are plenty of mature people out there who will understand why. Perhaps if you weren't around, the club would be a much nicer place to be - hint - go away, you are not wanted. I have spoken to other serious collectors (they long ago stopped posting comments, or never did in the first place) and have learnt that this is the reason they didn't/never did post descriptions or allow comments, however, I would prefer to not let this minority control what I do. The losers here will be those other members who enjoy the club - I know of some serious collectors who avoid this place like the plague because of people like you - I won't be one of them though.

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