Model: (Click to see more) 58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT
Status: Restored
Date: 2-May-2008
Comments: 9
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So this is the Ranger I told you in the 'all about me'. I dismantled it completely and built it again, with the use of a new screw set, body and rubber parts. It is in full working order with the original parts, if i'd put a battery pack in, but now it's a shelf queen. In the first years I drove it very often and hard, made jumps and water driving. But now it deserved well on being a shelf queen. I don't know if I should put on the decals....

the first body - that get in touch with a tractor! the first body - that get in touch with a tractor!



Very sharp - a nice resto job done there ,and i say leave off the decals , it looks great as it is



Tidy. Doing a good job so far keep up the good work. I to was twelve in 1982 and a ranger was my first car also.

Old Skool


No decals gets my vote super looking and love those Rad wheels



personally i would put the decals on as i'm a sucker for a nice box art ranger It was also my first car which i managed to buy with my paper round money. Nice example of one of my favourite tamiyas



Given the nice silver wheels, why don't you use some of TC's repro silver decals?



Decals for sure mate. Looks great as it is tho.



This is a very nice job you have done, but I would have to disagree about the decals - sorry, but IMHO this model looks awful with decals, I have to say the same about the Blazing Blazer too - both of them suit a plainer finish. Of course, it is only an opinion and one that is bound to wind up the sensitive souls out there! Also, are those Radek's alloys I spy there?



Yes, you are right -the alloys are from rad and I love them!!!



My first Tamiya was also a Ranger. Beat the living daylights out of it. Regret the day my mother threw it away... nice to see you still have it.

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