Model: (Click to see more) 99984: Nichimo
Status: Project
Date: 10-May-2008
Comments: 6
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I bought this one of Ebay for a decent BIN price with radio gear installed. It was in fairly poor condition and very dirty. As with my prior experience with used Nichimos, some plastic was cracked and or very brittle, especially on the chassis where the battery stays and shock towers are mounted. Many screws were missing and some wood self-tapping screws were used in their place! After I disassembled it, I submerged the grease-soaked parts in soapy water with no avail. Scollins suggested Simple Green (also mentioned here on TC for other uses), and it worked amazingly, I will use it for all of my cleaning duties from now on. The MSC and radio gear was reinstalled and the body touched up, and on the first test drive, the MSC failed sending it in reverse into my banister, luckily not doing and damage. If I ever run it again, it will get an ESC without question. The only thing this one is missing is the radiator, but I'm in no rush to find or fab one. I do love these odd ball Nichimos and suggest getting one for yourself if you have the chance, just make certain the vital parts are all there, parts are not easy to come by. As for the busted plastic screw holes on the chassis for the battery stay/shock tower mount, I just took plastic from a parts-box partition and stacked two pieces together, drilled holes in them and threaded screws through the whole job, securing with lock-nuts on the bottom. Thanks for looking, enjoy.

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Looks intriuging. Is it FWD?



It is one cool car!!



looks good Jimmy, Simple Green works on everything, not just RC stuff.........



Fantastic job!. I agree and can identify with every thing said. Gotta love Nichimo's






Cool, I had this buggy, back in the 80's. Fast too! Great to see one in good condition.

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