Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: Project
Date: 15-May-2008
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The process of making thes parts. no more Rparts to break!! This batch is almost complete. They will be available for sale shortly. A few of these are going out for more testing - see if they break or should I say...see what other parts break first.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Part I - 58059 959 / Celica Gr.B R PARTS cnc




I take it your Mill is Machine Controlled?! How long does it take to mill 1 wishbone?



yes and no.
It's a older machine, but does the job. I still have to physically move and place the each wishbone slab to have the mill cut on the correct plane. As for the time to mill each piece, I've never really worked it out since I start by making the wishbone slabs and then drill the reuired holes. Once that is done I mill each piece to complete each plane before I switch to the next milling plane.
I know it's kinda old fashioned, but it works well for me.

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