Model: (Click to see more) 58157: TA02RS 4WD Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 29-May-2008
Comments: 12
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Good afternoon everyone!
Now this one I am really proud of! Chassis was won on ebay a while ago from a TC member whose name I can't remember. It's a very beautiful TA02 full of frp and alloy parts. I thought I might upgrade it to carbon, but in the end I really love the way it looks like that. Upon receiving it, I just gave it a good clean, put some red alloy hardware and I had to fix the rear shock mounts (up and down) as it had too much play.
Now, when I say I'm proud of this model, let me explain myself: every time I finish a shell, the first impression I get is deception, as the color isn't the one I wanted, or there is a paint leak or whatever...Then I might end up liking it, or rather getting used to it. But then I look at the pictures I took of the model (all my cars are stocked at my parent's house, miles and miles away from where I live), and then I see every little defects, everything that needs to be changed etc...
But with this ABC Hobby 240Z shell, I get the feeling that for the first time, I have done things right. I loved the one from Wyoming which is box-art if I may say, but I wanted to do something different from the rally version, while giving it an old school racing/street look. I've stared at the blank shell for 2/3 months before finally getting the inspiration from a picture found on the web.
And now here it is: I might add an exhaust someday, but I think it looks real good as it is!

Edit: the car is now equipped with HPI 33474 and 33475 vintage wheels and also has brand new Tamiya carbon upper and lower deck instead of FRP.

1 Been staring at this blank shell for a while




I got your's butt-ugly!

Now I can understand why you put your models miles away where the sun doesn't shine!



Killer dude, this looks fantastic!



Nice Z!



wow, that looks very nice, sort of what I would expect a fan of the Rally car to have in his Garage for use on the street, sweet car buddy!

Old Skool


Super looking Z nice work

tuff bug


cool My fav looking Jap car!



That is one pretty 240Z, nice job.



Looks fantastic! Great job on the Z!



Very nice nice wheels they enhance the overall look of the car.



this is one sweet looking 240Z, a great paint scheme



Again, great job my friend!

Victorious Secret


I'm a big fan of the 240 and you done a wonderful job! I specially like the wheel you choose for this project!! Many of your work are going to my favorite!

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