Model: (Click to see more) 58112: Ford Escort RS
Status: Runner
Date: 6-Jun-2008
Comments: 8
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Here is another one of my escorts. This one is one of my runners that I use for light rallying (grass / dry gravel / dirt). Its got the FRP chassis etc although the pic hasnt got all of the bits on it as they are being used as a stencil for a project ;)

Just setting up my showroom, so will add pics of this running that I have soon. (Rally cars look even better with a trail of dust behind them.

Loverly - notice the authentic rally style repairs rally in the jungle racing one if its many escort mates top car inside it




nice details - the Escort is one of the nicest rally cars from Tamiya - nice example



Thanks, The rear lights / indicators are actually partly painted as over the years its had some knocks



Great car, I love these rallycars!



Very nice! Your chassis looks similar to mine. I can't decide which Escort looks best, this tiger stripe version or the Michelin Pilot.



i love this car as it was my first tamiya. i have a new built never run one in my showroom. I do not have the guts to run mine.



I also have a shelf version of this car (and all the other escorts) but even these have had the occasional gentle run

Rally Man.


Awsome car mate, I love the cosworth.



Just love the escorts . I had a tto1 escort , But i didn't use the body or wheels . I have keeped them in the box . I have got MK1 , MK2 escorts coming as well .
Your paint jobs on your cars are fantastic .
The detail is great . WD!!

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