Model: (Click to see more) 58161: Ford F-150 Truck
Status: Project
Date: 18-Jun-2008
Comments: 12
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I got a tip from Scollins (thanks again Steve!) a while back that a LHS was hiding a Thunder Tiger TA02 nitro conversion. He said they were selling it for $50 and that he wasn't interested. So I went there and a confused employee brought the chassis out from the back. It was of course missing quite a bit and even had some TA02 parts hanging off of it. I asked if they would let me search through their box-o-stuff to try and find the missing parts, but for some reason they wouldn't let me, they got annoyed with me and offered the chassis as is for $25. I gladly agreed and I took it home where it sat while I tried to scrounge up the parts to complete at least a rolling chassis. Months later, I found a Hummer and F-150 chassis' both for a BIN on ebay and that's how I came up with this. I used the F-150 parts to make this roller and can not be happier with the result. I rides on full ball bearings and Pegasus low-rider spoke wheels. If anyone out there has any parts to make this more complete, just give me a shout, the CEN GX1 is an identical chassis. I am looking for the fuel tank, and the lower and upper engine mounts. Thanks - Jim

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Best of the best inside.




Top find dude, Would love to see it run, i'll keep my eye out for the parts for you!



Dang....25 bucks? I should have kept that a secret!!! Great deal, I am sure you can retrofit a fuel tank and motor mounts from something else if you come up short on the original parts.........



I dont what it exactly is but it looks great!



I've got new built one of these hanging from my wall. It is a great little chassis but I'm terrified of using it.



love the wheels



Nice wheels. What engine do you intend to run on it? Will it fit under the body? The laydown OS may fit under it.



what a super find, i have the kyosho version of this chassis and have allways wondered were i might get my mits on the thundertiger version. awell maybe another time, as for parts check CEN for fuel tanks. engine TGX etc should fit.



wow cool find guys, I've never had good luck with Nitro things (they don't like high elevation) but this still looks really neat, I vaguely remember ads for them in old magazines. It looks cool and scale.

rizzo rat


The wheels are awesome!



I guess this thing goes with Nitro power! Nice find



Holy...what a beauty! Looks like something for the F-150 SIG Rock on!



wow! crazy wheels.... looks cool to me!

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