Model: (Click to see more) 58003: Tyrrel P34 Six Wheeler
Status: NIB
Date: 18-Jun-2008
Comments: 3
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Speaking of museum's, the famous collector Hong Kong has had this in his collection for a while. Now it graces my shelves. I have had Tyrrell's before, but currently have none, except for this one. It is a 6 wheeled car, which unfortunately in real life never lived up to its potential. Having said that, it is a wonderful model of the car and the designer of the original stated that the Tamiya version was a faithful, perfect reproduction.
The box is a little damaged, but this is model no.3, so late 70s is assured.
Note, despite emails to the owners and moderators of the website, the description of this car still typographically spells Tyrrell incorrectly (the only incidence of Tamiya spelling something incorrectly is on the Ligier, where on one side panel it is spelt Ligire). When searching in ebay for one of these, be sure to spell incorrectly, as many people have copied this inaccuracy.
The Tyrrell has been 'reissued' a number of times in fact, a very early 'Expert built' version was available through certain distribution (check on others' models to see this) and two further issues, one relatively recently deleted one and a current new build utilising the chassis F103 type RS. This model is very interesting also for the history of its full size counterpart.

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