Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: New built
Date: 23-Jun-2008
Comments: 8
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I got this one about a year ago from BASSGURU as a never ran rolling chassis no body set and needing a little clean up. I sourced some missing parts including rear wing mounts, roll bar ball ends and full body set (including under tray not fitted). Went to work on it with a little soap and water, put a little effort into cleaning the shocks up and that was the chassis done. It then waited for a couple of months before I sent the body off to this gentleman for painting who I can now quite comfortably recommend, I know the instruction art paint scheme isn't the most complex but the colour match is A1 and the sharpness of masking is nothing short of perfect, nice guy and great service to.

I'm aware that sometimes pictures don't tell the full story. I myself have taken shot which make a model look better than it really is, however in this case I can assure you the opposite is true, this car is truly immaculate, these shots do not do it full justice.

There are definitely cars in my collection that are more than RC history, they're also my history, they evoke feeling and memories of times gone by and this is another to add to the list which also includes but not only my Lazer ZX, LWB Optima Mid, Yok 91 and Astute.

Ok so it's no one off special it's just a bog standard Pro Cat and that's just the way I like it because I didn't own a one off special.

Hope you all like.


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I love it, I really fancy getting a Cat.



Nice, when I did mine in the manual box art scheme I couldn't do the pink, not my colour, so used red instead



I here what you're saying Jimbo but back in the day I spent weeks drooling over this paint scheme in the adverts before I managed to save the money up to buy the car so it had to be a faith full reproduction.

purple nut


Just bloody awsome



Very nice!!



Looks sharp !
I had one when they were current, and even then I didn't like the straight lines of the box art, I went with some blue design...... but you've done a great job of it ! Especially liking the driver !



Looking awsome matey, paint scheme really does it justice,brilliant example



I had to do it justice BASSGURU

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