Model: (Click to see more) 58072: Avante
Status: New built
Date: 2-Jul-2008
Comments: 2
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Hes a few pics of most of my Avante collection. After selling my new build Avante about 6 months ago.....for weeks i regretted it and wish i didnt, i thought i would start collecting the parts again for another. I think i may have got one or two bits to In the photo on the left is my NEW BUILD Avante which still needs the body ( not in photo ) painted and decal put on. On the right is a restored one which is very good, which still need the body finnishing aswell. It needs a good strip down first. And as you can see from the photo there are one or two new parts. Well to be honest there is all the parts to do another new build apart from the Ball Ends & Undercowl. I think i may have gone a little over the top but i just love the Avante. I will do some photos of my Egress collection in a couple of days as i do like that aswell. Not the same as the Avante but not bad.




Nice, like those wheels. You must have hurt pretty bad when you got rid of one beforehand, know the feeling, but now you've healed the wounds quite well I see!

The Buggy Man


I feel alot better than i did 6 months ago. Its not untill its gone that you start getting that empty feeling

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