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Status: Restored
Date: 5-Jul-2008
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This is my Andy's conversion RC10 Truck. This truck conversion kit is one of the first available for any car on the market and was released way before the stealth transmissioned RC10T was available. You will notice that it uses Andy's wide buggy arms which are not as wide as the RC10T arms and a six gear transmission.

I have now fitted a brand new A chassis, nose plate and motor mount to complete this restoration. The shell is an original Andy's Jeep shell with Andy's paint scheme and is in extremely good condition.

I would be really interested to see any other examples of these early trucks, so if you have one in your show room please send me a link to it so I can have a look, this is the only one I have seen that is still in existence.

Very rare new original 6 gear only A chassis

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tuff bug


Very nice looking gold pan looks more scale than the buggy version!

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