Model: (Click to see more) 57604: Thunder Blitz
Status: Runner
Date: 6-Jul-2008
Comments: 4
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Love these cars. Simple and fun. They look cool and are perfect for the little-uns to learn to drive. This one is stock apart from the hop-up wheels ( I like the yellow wheels). Its a donor car for the other one which is being customised to be a 'TRF' Spec Rc boys car.

see the in-progress trf Rc-boys chassis (with the thunder blitz shell on it) race against some hopped up tt01's here

sweet fear the speed




The link of the race

[Click here]



Proof,if it was needed that its not the car but the driver!! I have a nip lightweight prop for one of these if you want to good home

Crash Cramer


Nice looking addition and spares car you have there.



Cheers for that mate I'm sure youre gonna like the next wave of mods

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