Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 8-Jul-2008
Comments: 11
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This is a very rare motorbike from 1974, i talk with friends and they told me it must be build by kyosho. On the main gear stands kyosho so i think they are right. In germany this bike was sold by Robbe, you can found it on the cataloge 1974 as new entry. The bike is very large and heavy, the lengh is 530mm, the high is 350mm and the weight 4,2 kg. The bike is powered by the recomend Enya 19V. This bike was very expensive in the past, the price was near 500,-DM ( 250,-€ ) , but this was 1974 !!. So i think this is one reasone that they are so rare. The steering of this bike is completly diffrent to all other RC bikes i know, it has a mechanic in the driver doll that turns left and right, because the weight change to one side the bike goes in the turn. I am not sure how good this will work. Robbe told in the the instruction, you can run the bike on every flat surface also on short gras. I think this will be funny but not real. My bike is new and never run. It is in a great condition with only the dust from more then 30 years. The paint sheme looks correct for this days and the stickers are the original once. I will make only a very smart cleaning to hold the old look of this great piece of RC history. I think this is one of the rarest or the rarest model of my collection. I knew only a few more of them around the world and only one in new condition. take some time to have a second look on this great model. The model beside is the kyosho race rider to show how great this bike is. I get an new info from a japan friend that the bike is made by a company called Fuji, the build him 1973, maybe kyosho sold them outside japan.


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Absolutely amazing and very nostalgic, love it.



how cool is that!!! i did not even know such things exsited. wow. somebody, somewhere has the ability to build stuff like this now, and i wish they would.



Now that's vintage, 1974!! Amazing! I thought RC Bikes were only from the last 10 or so years, but I am wrong I think



Brilliant nostalgic legend!

Road Burner


That's a big one! It looks real nice for it's age.



Wow Frank, that's absolutely beautiful ! This must be more rare than the Sidecar 750, good job it's in the right hands. Straight into the favourites



This is your very best find Frank.Looks like Hailwood on the Honda......90 B.h.p......The 'island' had seen nothing like it !



Hi, thanks for all your comment. Yes it is sitting here in the right hands. I be sure i will never let it go. I think you are right it is more rare then the sidecar and we all know how rare the sidecar is. On a other net side a read that it is a model aof a Honad CB750, i am not very well known in old motorbikes but this can be correct.



Cool nostalgic motorbike.this motorbike is very nice detailled, great work.



What a great piece of R/C history, absolutely great, I really like this one a lot. Going to put into my Favorites.........



Hi! thanks for very nice precious one, and thanks for e-mail privatery. This motorbike is said to be 'FUJI QUATER 19' producted in 1973 in Japan.
FUJI BUSSAN Co.,Ltd was actually model maker.
Very beautiful!! and exactly be your juwel!
This is the first R/C model bike in the world too.
Please look at the unique mechanizm inside in rider figure. May be surpprize! nessage from Japan.

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