Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: Extra info
Date: 12-Jul-2008
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Got this back in march from fellow TC member Ryanbored. The chassis was new build and ballraced, complete with radio gear and speed controller. Body new and unpainted/assembled.

So its basically taken me 4 months just to start the paint and bolt the main body parts together !! At least now it resembles a car and its 'usable'

Only running single leafsprings, front wheel steering only and unlocked diffs.

The wheels are the Ford Focus wheels for now which I'm actually half tempted to leave on it. I have the usual Hummer wheels and HPI Stock Car Wheels too so I have plenty of choice.

As you may have already guessed, its going to be the 'old well used work-horse' theme. I may raise the gearbox for more clearance, or even put my Blazing Blazer gearbox box in it (Dont worry, the Blazers probably beyond hope, even as a resto)

Have a Scollins interior for it and loads of ideas, but so little time. So I think I'll do a bit more on the body and wheels and start to enjoy driving it for now.

And of course, the obligatory articulation shot.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Testing the cars.




cant wait to see the finished interior!!! Thanks for supporting Scollins Mods Inc.



Nice looking hilux, the color is great or is it just primer!



Thanks, I think the body is a vauxhall colour, cant remember which, but I couldnt find it to spray the front panel. So I used some Halfords filler primer i had lying around, which turned out pretty much the same colour !! If I had known I would have just used the primer in the first place and saved my money ! LOL
@ Scollins - Dont thank me for buying the interiors, thank YOU for making them. I will try and do it justice.

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