Model: (Click to see more) 58161: Ford F-150 Truck
Status: Extra info
Date: 16-Jul-2008
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Lake Katrina spread out before him like an inland sea, nestled among the rolling hills. He remembered his childhood days, camping on the shores with his father, listening to other children playing. Those were different days. The shores of Lake Katrina were empty now, forgotten by most. The tranquility of the surface belied what might lay beneath: who knew how what might be lying on the bed.

Only one more week to go before the big journey. Would Minerva be the same place when he got back?

Would life ever be the same for any of them?

(an extract from the forthcoming action-thriller, 'The Minerva Dragons')

The rest of the shots from my Stockhill excursion - F150 performed well but the front diff needs tightening, the shocks are too firm, the tyres need cutting and the electrics most definately need bagging - all drive was lost after that final trip into the water! Might fit a 55t lathe motor tonight and give it another outing soon...

Keeren couldn't resist playing in the mud, but his race truck floor let in too much water and he couldn't see where he was going. Tall ferns grown and flower beside Lake Katrina, whose tranquil waters hide many secrets. The winding trail home clears Keeren's mind, and the old V8 can still hustle on demand. A quick journey through the ferns dries the mud but the way ahead is closed by bogs, and Keeren got rather wet feet.

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great pics



The tranquil waters hide many secrets: like what they did to your truck to stop it....
Great pics again.



Nice mud pics, i like that too.on the last pic you say your car has wet feet! i thinck not only wet feet, the hole chassis is under water. did you someshing to protect the electronix! or was it ol wet.

Mad Ax


def4x4, the imaginary driver definately had wet feet, and most of the chassis was supmerged. The battery was almost dead and it couldn't push through the water - so it stopped and got swamped. The ESC cut out completely (the receiver was mounted high enough to survive). I thought the speedo would be toast, but I tested today and it still works!! I will be getting some balloons soon to bag everything properly.

caddy shack


you should never go to deap with out protection next time take ya welleys lol, great pics and story line .

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