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Status: Other
Date: 17-Jul-2008
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I figure you are going to see a lot more of these soon since Toymkr73 (Matt Hicks) is casting his new/final batch of Wild Wendy's.
Matt is a cool guy and agreed to sell me this one which was one of the last castings from his original batch. I asked Matt to model the Wendy after my lovely wife Dawn. Both me and my wife tossed around ideas for the color scheme of the shirt and shorts and finally decided on Pink Camo as a girls way to match the military theme of the Wild Willy. I was lucky enough to find a good photo to send to Matt as a pattern for the shirt.
I'm not sure how many other Wendy's were completed in 2007, but Matt made sure to sign it in 'the only' place a signature could be hidden once she is seated in the Wild Willy.
I hope I can finish my Wild Willy project soon. I've kept Wendy safely in bubble wrap for far too long.

Awesome detail for each Wendy Ready for the drivers seat A little more detail from the side Close up From behind Well, where else are you going to sign it?




Is that the original batch with the black bumper?

Crash Cramer


Watch that verbiage there Dan. I like it and you should shoot a photo of Dawn in similar shirt if you have it so we can all be the judge of how well Wendy imitates here.



Wendy looks good, but you may give her not to many hormoons!! now her breasts olmost bloing up.



Dee - Hmm, Black Bumper Wendy.. Now that's just silly.. Wild Wendy Chrome Edition! - now were talking!!



She is so sweet !!!!!! I want one, too !!!

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