Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Restored
Date: 25-Jul-2008
Comments: 1
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Been slowly restoring this for a friend at work, and i'm nearly there! my friend originally had a silver-painted one, but after resting it on a cooker ring and melting the rear wishbones, it sat in the loft for 10 years or so. he stumbled across it one day, and decided he wanted it back in one piece again, so spent an age trying to get a donor vehicle to swap bits over. he finally found one, at a cost!, but never got round to swapping the bits over. he found i liked R/c's, so i volunteered to swap the bits over for him.

he brought in his silver beast and a bright yellow one he'd bought for spares. i swapped over the rear arms, gearbox, motor, shell, and a few other bits. he didn't ask me too, but i resprayed his yellow shell as it was in better condition than the silver one. its now ford signal yellow, and i found some repro decals on ebay in blue to contrast.

al i've left to do is swap over a steering servo and a few minor details, and he can have it back! i get to keep the donor vehicle for me! comments welcome!

looking very sorry for itself first coat of signal yellow Stickers and a coat of lacquer As it is now The Inspiration! Tony's PickUp




That's great work and you're a good friend! First Blackfoot I've seen in this color, and I think it looks great! Keep up the good stuff!

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