Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 31-Jul-2008
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I found one of these built up a while back, that is now in the hands of another member.... but just recently I was lucky enough to find a NIB example.
This kit is similar to the Tamiya 1:32 motorised 'Junior' series of kits, in that they have a small motor, they're designed to be powered by two AA batteries, and they can be set up to run on a track. This one also comes with a few options, including interchangeable gears and wider rear tyres... and is standard 4wd.
The Sainz/Moya repsol decals are in pretty nice condition, and all the parts are there bar two small 'glass' pieces, one a corner indicator and one a front bumper indicator. A few parts have come off the sprue, and the molding flash is not so great on some parts.... and there are no instructions!
Despite being designed as a Repsol Escort Cosworth, the body style is actually a non-whaletail type. I think it looks better, especially with the fat rear tyres!!!
Not sure what to do with this one..... might be trade or sale bait, will have to see....

Nice kit... Lots of parts... Body and decals... Gear bag still sealed Box Nice body details




Do you think someone caught the artist just in time? Look how they've drawn in the 'leg' from the whailtail!

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