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Date: 4-Aug-2008
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These are pictures of the same 'white vinyl decals' that I have applied to my Monster Beetle bodyshell - in 'Scorcher' colours.

They were supplied to me by Terry Roff - aka
rc-pc-bargains - on eBay

Clearly, they are not vinyl - they are paper labels, printed with the images of Tamiya decals.

I filed a complaint at PayPal. A 'Significantly Not as Described Dispute'.

My comments therein about the material upon which the decals are printed were ignored.

I created a new thread within the forum.

If anyone else here has had dealings with Terry Roff, can you please reply with your experiences within that thread.

I caught the cut edge of this sheet on my T-shirt ..and it tore...!




Good on you for pointing that one out. As someone (like most of us i would imagine) that buy a bit of stuff off Ebay, it's important to point out the stuff thats not up to speed.



...and I thought I was beginning to 'rant'...!

You should see the rant on the PayPal website !

As has been mentioned within the thread I created, I should have done my homework before buying those 'decals'.

That aside, there is no excuse for misrepresentation such as this. Dare I say 'deception' ?

It is my opinion that there is no chance that Terry can sincerely believe he is printing upon vinyl sheets - which are maleable plastic - and have no paper content.

eBay can well do without characters like him.



Well done! Hopefully he closes the shop.



As I have said - I only want a fair outcome to this episode...

The decals advertised as being vinyl are not vinyl.

Instead, they are of a material that is completely unsuitable for the purpose for which I bought them...



That sucks.



OK - this matter is now closed...!

After having no response from Terry in four hours, I explained within the PayPal forms why I was choosing to escalate the claim - and did so.

The PayPal response was immediate.

PayPal will only obtain a refund for goods that do not arrive.

Consequently, this is another occasion where rc-pc-bargains have got away with selling something that is significantly NOT what is was advertised to be.



Dam! i just braught some of these last week for my monster beetle project.



Hopefully, you can have not yet left any feedback...?

If not, post a comment into the thread in the link in the main panel, above.



thanks for the warning dude!



I bought a set for a Monster Beetle and they were absolute rubbish. I think it was a different seller though but he was just as helpful and refused to accept they were no good.



It may just be that someone is selling paper labels and passing them off as sticky back vinyl - to folk that do not know any better...?

They then print images upon them - and unwittingly sell them on as 'vinyl decals'...

However, I cannot believe that anyone printing onto paper labels could be so naiive as to not realise exactly what they were doing.

In any case, poeple need to be warned about what the could buy without realising...

It seems that I am not the only one to be deceived by incorrect, misrepresentative advertising.

Vinyl decals s-t-r-e-t-c-h - they do not tear and expose a lamination of paper within...



I to got some supposed vinyl decals from this guy for my avante project to see if they were any good and was horrified to find they were paper , absolute rubbish.

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