Model: (Click to see more) 99982: Mardave
Status: New built
Date: 9-Aug-2008
Comments: 1
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SO, way back in the early 1980s when I got thinking about how to race rc cars I found a local club.

The guys there were great, but they only raced 12th scale oval.

So, the first week I go down there with my Holiday Buggy and thought well that was ok, but I love these little stockcars !
and, as I had been a BRISCA and Spedeworth fan for a long time anyway, it seemed like a great fit to get into these cars.

So, I got one, raced for about a season and a half of racing these and having a blast with them, buggies rather took over and that was that...

So, fast forward to today.

I finally managed to find a new one again, and better yet got some new body shells too.

As you can probably see in one of the pics, I used to be a mechanic on Formula 2 car number 526, and so when I bought the new bodies I tried to get as close to that one as possible, even including the 'King' wing.

So, enjoy as it is for now, but another Winter project for me will be to paint it up like the one I mechanic'd on !


Stockcar racing is magic

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wow this is an old one...........there are few people out there who do upto date stockcars but they are built to order. And they are near 150 quid! way too much, I think huntersystems is doing one soon and its gona be under a ton!

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