Model: (Click to see more) 99987: Hirobo
Status: Restored
Date: 10-Aug-2008
Comments: 5
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Spurred on by Bormac just so I knew which parts I had left over to sell, I finally sat down and built up my Zerda

Fun car to build !

I was tempted to call this new built as so many parts are brand new, but not all, so let's call it restored

I've had these parts for such a long time now ( before I moved to Canada) that I can't remember where they all came from, but TC members Barry and Andrew helped out hugely getting me most of the parts, so if you are still out there, thanks guys

My race history with this car is brief, but worth telling.

I turn up at a race meeting ( I think Ayr indoor) with no car as I was just going to watch.

Good friend of mine had a Zerda, and he said to give a spin for a lap or 2 to see if I liked it.

Well, I did like it, so I got entered into the meeting, and we made sure we were in different heats so we could both race the car ! can't imagine doing that these days

Qualifying goes well, but the debate begins about what to do if we both end up in the same final !!

no problem, he ended up in the B, me? well I made the A final with it ! was he ever upset.....
funny though

I think I finished 4th overall if memory serves me correctly, not bad considering how many people were there, and driving someone elses car !!

I never did buy a Zerda to race, but always remembered the one day I ran one, and very glad to have one in my collection now.


p.s. yes, I know there's no driver, one day ! and I do have the number plates as well.

Zerda baby

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Good story. Would love to own one of these myself. Such a rare car.



Great story, I'd imagine he was upsaet at only making the B's but amazed the Zerda did so well. Lovely to have in your collection, with that history it must be one to keep!



Stu glad to see you have yourself one of these very cool old buggies. Ive been running mine and they are ACE!



Yeah Jason, thanks for the incentive to finish it ( sort of) all I need is one more pair of Black shocks ! oh and a driver dood !
I will put a motor in it too, probably !



Good Story, Cool Car . Old Hirobo's are very neat!

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