Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Aug-2008
Comments: 10
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The paint and body still needs much work, including the interior. As ever, time is against me and this is a 'rush job' to get some use out of it, but for now it performs and looks good enough to me to be a 'runner'.

'Modifications' so far:

Running on single leaf spring

Springs removed from shocks

Battery holder removed, battery now between chassis rails

Skidplate and mount removed

Diff 'covers' removed

HPI Stock Car Wheel 1mm offset (HPI # 3741)

RC4WD Rock Crusher X/T 1.9 Tyres

Scollins F350 Interior

Running a standard motor with a MTronics Eco20 ESC and Futaba 4-ch radio.

Chassis wise, I'm waiting for the 25% softer leaf springs to arrive and have plans to raise the gearbox by side mounting the motor. (one day). I plan to leave the diffs unlocked for the majority of running, I know 'real' vehicles would lock their diffs for 'proper' off-road, but I find it makes picking a route needs more planning and much more interesting in a smaller area.

For the electrics, I will be fitting a 55T motor (currently in the Pajero, so as soon as the 75T replacement for the Pajero arrives). I only use first gear at the moment (Sunday driver), so with the 55T I should be able to use at least first and second. It seems to run fine on the Eco20 esc, so when I change the motor I will try it on an Eco27 I have lying around to free up the eco20 for one of the TT-01’s.

Sorry about the state of the body. As you can see, the body is far from finished and my attempts at free hand painting are pitiful. Thanks to an unfortunate event a few years ago, my hands aren’t as steady as they once were, but I am determined to do it myself.

Scollins interior has the head from a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ figure and the steering wheel from (I think) a Blitzer Beetle driver.

I think an interior definitely sets this model off. Thanks Scollins.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Nice job, looks great!



great car!!



It really looks great, the wheels/tires combo look awesome. I was thinking of mounting the battery between the chassis rails too, do you have any pictures of it? Are you able to change the battery without screwing the whole body of?



That looks great, love the yellow and the detailing - interior and clear glass make a huge difference. The mods sound good as well, anything to increase ground clearance and improve the wheel travel is good on these - I think the springs are much to hard for the weight. I like it a lot, nice work



Looks very good!



Looks great,needs some dents in it



looking good!



Good job, good weathering, good environment.



Great job, i like that toyota.



Thanks for great comments

@ Vin87 - First saw the wheel/tyre combo on one of Ryanbored's scale projects and had to have them. The battery just sits between the chassis rails under the rear bed sitting on the cross members. Simply held in with a velcro strap. I do have to take the body off to change the battery, but so far I've only crawled so slow I still havent got through a whole 2200 nicad in one go yet!

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