Model: (Click to see more) 58397: Toyota Hilux High Lift
Status: Extra info
Date: 19-Aug-2008
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Just some more pics of the Hilux to try and show the (unfinished) Scollins interior and the RC4WD Rock Crusher X/T 1.9 Tyres.

Being based in the UK, was a bit hesitant as both come from the USA so had visions of delivery taking weeks, customs slapping on charges etc etc.

But both arrived very quick and with no probs with customs – Big thanks to Scollins and RC4WD.

The Tyres really do transform the off road ability. Slightly more ground clearance, but they have much, much more grip. They are soft enough to deform to the terrain when needed without being like jelly.

The picture of the tyre below wasn’t actually set up. I was actually driving from the other side and just parked in what looked like a cool photo opportunity position, but it does show off the tyres working.

Hope you enjoy the pics and their of some use if your trying to decide on these parts.




Sweet, I have a set of RC4WD rock stompers, they really are grippy tires, they are great.



nice looking lux those tyres really do transform the look of them



Nice job on the interior, I am glad it made it to you safely, as everything I ship to England always makes it over just fine!



Nice tires under your truck, and i like the interior.



Very nice looking rig, I have to agree about them tires, I use a set myself on my Hilux and love them



Good looking hilux the only thing i dont like is the factory bull bar as i dont think it suits the truck.

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