Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 29-Aug-2008
Comments: 4
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This one was sitting around for a long while, then I came across new decals on ebay and decided to finish it up. First, the car looked like it was built, turned on, and driven straight into a wall; there is mediocre repair job to the front shock mount and upright, everything else looked new. The body was painted horribly and decal placement was shifty. I stripped the paint with Simple Green and painted it with Tamiya PS-4, then I carefully applied the decals! This is still a project though, because the wheel decals need to be applied, the gearbox cover is missing, and due to no available manual I accidentally left a spacer out of the gearbox(whoops!). I bet this would give the Hot Shot a run for it's money!

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Looks great- nice resto

Road Burner





Very beautiful Shadow nice job you did

Fernado Alonso


This one I have never seen before.
Very nice I like the wing on the body.
Cheers Alex

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