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Status: Runner
Date: 30-Aug-2008
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This is my Takara-Tomy Q-Steer, model QSS-12 Sprinter Trueno (AE86). It's a very small (under 2' long) iR racer, with a body derived from the Takara Choro-Q pullback cars. You may know Choro-Qs as 'Penny Racers,' as they were marketed as such in the West. I placed one of the first orders to HLJ and it showed up in my mailbox on April 2nd, 2007. As far as I know, I was the first person in the US to have one, and I love it so much I've even started my own online community for them. I've also got a small collection of Choro-Qs. Small micro R/C cars were what got me into the hobby in the first place, so this little car takes me back to my roots.

Transmitter looks a bit like an iPod Shuffle On display with its Choro-Q cousins




That looks so sweet. Have you built racetracks for these? I have a few cars but not of the same brand and my cat watches avidly when I'm 'drifting' it on the big table (nice slippery surface). Nice one. The delivery van looks funny, haha...



Yes i can see the advantage of these. main one being storage. Oh dear where can i put this shoe box Nice collection. Keep thinking of getting the tamiya ones. The frog, avante etc



I build small gymkhanas on my bedroom floor or kitchen table, using smal coins as pylons. I've been after the Hornet Q-Steer for a while, but unfortunately my pre-order got messed up and I've never gotten one!



I had the game Choro-Q on my playstation 1, it was the Japanese version of penny racers. All them cars in the bottom picture were in the game in the same livery, excellent stuff.

rizzo rat


Love this! i want one but ive seen a hornet i might get or hotshot even. Great model.

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