Model: 58364: Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune
Status: New built
Date: 3-Sep-2008
Comments: 22
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This car is modeled after the Japanese police cruiser from City of Saitama. I've always like the distinguished black and white police cruisers such as the California Highway Patrol and Japanese police car. The chassis is TT01 and the body is from Tamiya. All the light works include the police siren. I also added the screen thingy on the top of the hood you see on the Japanese police car. If anyone know what that is please let me know!

All you racing punks get ready! Reference You are under arrest! Even the license plate is modeled after real car Studio view Ofr. Tanaka and Sgt. Yamazaki curtesy of Andi4X4 Reference

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