Model: 58373: NISMO Coppermix Silvia
Status: New built
Date: 7-Sep-2008
Comments: 6
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This is the 2004 Nissan Top Secret S15 drift car. The body is by Yokomo and the chassis is TT01. Yokomo makes alot of real nice bodies for drifting. They are very detailed and sometimes more so than Tamiya. The only thing bad about Yokomo body is the decals are too thick and precut. I never really like the precut decals because they show too much 'white space' so I always have to trim them close. But after 50 stickers or so you just kinda get lazy and stop do it LOL~ Personally I don't like too much decals on a car... any car. But hey, the racing company does need to pay some bills. So for the authenticity, gentlemen, I bring you the true bling bling, Top Secret S15!

This car's got more gold than Flava Flave's teeth. ... and more gold than Mr. T's neck Soild gold~ Soul gold~ Hmmm... ran out of corny comments. Reference, looks pretty sweet! Studio view Studio view Studio view

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