Model: 58096: Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally
Status: New built
Date: 12-Sep-2008
Comments: 16
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This is my first Tamiya RC car which I got serious about the hobby. This is also the first RC car I attempt to restore. I purchase this Celica back when it first came out and since it is the only RC car available to me (my Wild Willy was stored somewhere in my dad's garage), I really beat the living daylights out of it LOL. Now fast forward 18 years I decide to give my old pal a face lift so I sand off as much scuff as I can and replace most of the decals and panel line. I also added windshield wipers, rear view mirrors, tow hook, exhaust pipe, and the Marlboro sponsor decal. Since this is my first restoration job, it took me few days to get with the program LOL. It's not perfect but I'm kinda happy the way it turns out. I'm glad I did this project, bring back alot of happy memories as I worked on it.

This car realy exist! I didn't know that 18yrs ago Alot of scuff marks on the bumper I took out LOL~ My old pal~ Added the Marlboro decals. Another angle Sideways Newly replaced bumpers I could use a new set of OZs The tires are bald!! Oh No! Co-pilot brought the wrong book!

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