Model: (Click to see more) 57104: Tamtech-Gear Porsche 935 Martini
Status: New built
Date: 13-Sep-2008
Comments: 2
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This is my attempt of completing a real historical dream car.
When i saw the porsche 935 martini pictures of carbonman i had to get me one of these beauties.
They are just awesome, everyone should have one for display :)
I know i will get me a second tamtech car cause i allready have a spare body for it :)
The pictures bellow showing my unfinished car, but i will get it completed before next wknd because at the end of our tamiya-cup season we will have a demo race with some tamtech cars.
I look forward to it :)
The front wheels have been done the same as on the car of carbonman, i did get my inspiration of his pictures so the credit is for him :)
Hope you will enoy the pictures of my unfinished car yet, i will upload the finished car pictures soon.

Thx to carbonman for the inspiration :) A mighty front view


Racing Master


Nice job! I hope it won't crash in the first corner!



Oooh I like it and I'm glad to be a kind of inspiration! And racing master yes I already did crash mine in the second corner so the pictures are outdated...

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