Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 18-Sep-2008
Comments: 77
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The Snap-On Scorcher.

This Scorcher was built for the next DVD.

A few months back Volksrod and myself had a conversation about building custom Scorchers for the next DVD.

We set ourselfs a challenge to go away and build a car in our own styles, but we had to include an interior, moving driver figure and a full lighting kit.

This was not a competition at all, we just wanted to see what we both came up with before they went on film.

We would email eachother with progress and a few shots of what we were upto.

The hardest thing was how to make the interior, moving driver and fit all the electrics inside a Scorcher shell.
The body was a Blitzer Beetle shell that was heavly cut away at the front and the back and had all the window rubber mouldings rain gutter on the roof and running boards removed. The whole bonnet was cut away as was the rear engine lid. I wanted to have a low swooping nose with a radiused front. I added a circular recess in the middle of the bonnet for a fuel cell filler. This was all done with plasticard sections and car body filler. This was all filed down then smoothed with varying grades of wet and dry to get the shape I wanted. The front wings were cut back to flow with the radius on the nose.

The rear spoiler was added using steel wire to form the shape of the spoiler top and bottom and then built up with plasticard sections and filled with car filler again. Shaping this was quite difficult ,but after 4 attempts I had it how I wanted it. The rear wings were cut back to flow with the body. I am a big fan of the 1973 Porsche 2.7 RS and this was what I based this spoiler on.

The interior of the shell was given a dashboard in plasticard and face from a 1/12 Porsche 934 kit. The doors were given frames and tubular strengthening bars, all from plasticard sections. I added a footwell and rear bulkhead and parcelshelf below the rear window. This was given strengthening webs in plasticard also. All the inner wheel arches were given skins in plasticard.

Next for the interior was an aluminium thinwalled rollcage this was bent up using a special bending jig I had made
And glued together. This would be added after the body had been sprayed. Oter interior body details were. Radio on dashboard, fuse box, first aid kit, tool kit, oil resevour tank and other fluid bottles. All are plumbed in with braided hose and rubber hose.

The Chassis was built up from parts I had traided with TC member Loaded ( Thanks again Paul ) . All the castings were cleaned and sprayed with Allclad 2 Gold. I fitted a Sport tuned motor, bearings and a set of my Awesome Alloys Black Anodised Alloy Gear and Motor Covers. The Chassis ia a Twinset alloy one which has been machined out to redice weight. I have also fitted one of my Gearbox Skid Plates. I added 3 pillars which would locate the battery and also hold the Driver and interior base part. The Front and rear alloy cages are from J-man and are superb. John you are a Gent. I modified the front one to include a slotted skid plate.
Front lights are from modified Hi Lift roll bar light part and the rear lights are from an old 1/6th Tamiya Honda kit I had lying around. They are the indicators with lenses painted clear red.

This model has 3 levels. Body, Driver interior and Chassis. This allows for easy access to the battery for changing and electrics and gives me an east way of connecting the drivers arms to the steering wheel without having it connected to the dashboard.

I fitted a Spektrum receiver, Mtroniks RV11 Speedo, Tamiya TLU lighting unit, Y leads and servo reversing leads.

Next to be made was the Driver interior section. I desided early on that I wanted his head to move as well as his arms, so I used a body from a Tamiya Hilux Driver, so I could easly mount a Micro E-sky servo inside the body and connect it directly to the drivers head.. A similar servo was positioned connected to the steering column. This would give me both movements that I wanted.

The helmet was from a Wild One ( I just love the aggressive look of the old Arai helmet) I also added some goggles with tear offs.

The arms were made from stretch cotton and stitched together. The inner arms were made from aluminium foil with rubber joints at the shoulder, elbow and wrist, so they would move naturally when the hands were fixed to the steering wheel.

The driver interior sheet was made from plasticard and bent downwards at the sides to allow for the sand to slop out of the interior when running.

I added a driver seat, made from 2 Porsche 934 1/12th kit parts cut and glued together, so they were wide enough to fit the drivers body, The headrest was made from plasticard. I added some details to this part too, wiring loom, gear knob, handbrake, battery, electrical boxes , fire extinguisher bottles, drinks bottle with helmet mounted drinks tube, Belts and fluid bottles.

All of this was test fitted and then it was time for paint and decals.

I wanted to do the Snap-On paint scheme on this car and the decals were a one off set made for me buy my good Friend Lee who makes the Tamiyaclub decals.

He is a genius and the decals he sent me are second to none as all his decals are.

The body was primered and painted white from the outside to the inside. This was all masked off for the red. I used Tamiya TS and PS paints on the body. The red went on beautifully. Then came the decals, they just went on a dream, no bubbles or kinks anywhere.

All this was clear coated and polished down. Then I added all the detail parts to the car, Alloy Mirrors are from Mike00top on TC as are the lovely exhausts. I added a sun visor to the window. This was clear perspex sprayed with Tamiya smoke and decalled so you can see right through it. The filler nozzle was made from aluminium and detail painted.

I also added a stone guard in front of the driver on the bonnet. All the door shut lines were painted in and the window mesh and alloy roll bar fixed in.

I used Rough Rider wheels and tyres fitted with Awesome Alloys Box Art wheel covers, these were bright clear anodised and painted in the rivet detail. I painted the lettering in my usual runner yellow and added my usual 22 numbers to the number boards in the rear side windows.

The Car made it to Wales, but sadly Volksrod had to cancel at the last minute so I never saw his Scorcher. Nice one Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Snap-On Scorcher will be featured running in the next Tamiya101 DVD out soon. All the driver actions are captured on film and the car is seen being run in the sand dunes during the day and the night.

Thankfully the car survived the filming and is now safely home.

Thanks to Volksrod, Loaded, J-man, Mike00top, Lee the Decal Genius, Dino-F for the first 5 Studio Photographs and Moosey for getting this car on film.

There will be a more detailed article on with more pictures and hopefully some action stills too. Dont think this will stay on the TC front page for long, so hopefully more collectors will see it for longer on 101.

Hope you like what I have done with this Scorcher.


P.S. I appologise for the long description, but there was allot to this model.

Alloy Wheels and Parts available on

1 Snap-On Scorcher 2 Decals from the best in the business. Thanks Lee. 1 The 3 Levels Body, Driver Interior and Chassis. Drivers Head and Arms move when wheels steer. Nice aggerssive shot. Modified J-man bumper. Body Interior with details and alloy roll cage. A closer look. 1 Driver Interior level close up Interior in Primer. Driver Interior section building in process.

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Snap-On Scorcher, Jimmy^s SR and 7Up Special during filming




You are indeed a true craftsman . we are not worthy......REMARKABLE



Ahhh there it is. AWESOME work mate! Looks perfect. Would look even better if the car was in my collection instead of yours. You have a true talent notch.

The Hobbymaster


Hi Rad, I'd like to be the first to say wow great work and the detail is wicked. you do have a eye for a great looking model. ps I must get some of your wheels very soon for my rider project well done!!! cheers Ian



What...No Driver's AirBag! Seriously though, Which Planet are You from Again? and Did you Remember to Insure Fully Comp! 'Amazing!' Your In a different League, thats For Sure!



I'm kinda lost for words ....... that is superb !!



speechless, can't wait to see it getting muddy tho



That's truly amazing!! Love all your custom work and eye for detail!



a gift from the gods

Road Burner


Unbelievable!! This Scorcher is the most detailed and functional I have ever seen, superb job!



Drool! [with my jaws dropped...]



Absolutely outstanding !! - great work there ,a masterpiece for sure

ranger blue


A true masterpiece, by far the best I’ve ever seen.



Stunning! The best I've seen, I think.



Rad, you have proven over and over again that you are one of the top builders , but this one just makes it straight to the top mate. Finest Scorcher on TC for sure, straight to my Favorites... DAMN THIS IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



All hail to thy master Radster!!!!!!! Did I mention I like this one? yeah, a little I guess......



Holy Cr... !! This must be THE most awesome builds I ever seen !! Excellent !



Simply awesome. Truely a working piece of art....Magnifico




ranger blue


Credit where credits due mate, awesome work, If I had half your skills I’d be a very happy man



Stunning! And straight into my favorites!



No way! Again, awesome job! Nice pics too Will there be pics of the 7UP Super Champ and this Snap-On Scorcher??



what a beauti from a scorcher.



Congratulations! Excellent work you've done there. Pure joy to see these pictures, thank you! I wonder what is in this can the driver is sipping at...



You've done it again!!! Straight into my fav!!!

rad22rad Alloys


Thanks for your great comments guys. You have made all the effort worth it. I really do appreciate it and its just great to know what you think. You have all made my day. Gentlemen each and everyone of you. Cheers Rad



No apologies need Rad. The read is as top notch as the car itself. Well done. A true piece of inspirational art. Can't wait to see the DVD.



Now then Rad - finally listed eh? having seen this in the flesh the details is superb. Everytime I looked at it something else jumped out and think - oh thats cool. And wait to you see it running - the driver is fantastic - Rad this is definatley modeling at it's finest wish I had a a fraction of your skill and more importantly patience

grubby buz


woah dude i just inhaled my cornflakes
cool as



Wow this look insane i have heard of taking things to the next level but i think you have well and truly surpassed the next level and many more after it .



This is THE Sand Scorcher imo...Amazing, I am out of words.



Breaking boundaries, reaching new heights, I'm getting dizzy... This is too good for words. This looks fantastically totally complete. You see those films where they first catch sight of something in the sky, a light or something, people gather round, they look up in amazement, but they just can't comprehend what's going on... That's me. This car is amazing and I can't say how positively baffled and speechless I am. Awesome...



OMG! That is a true work of art. Brilliant work Rad and a better advert for the next DVD I cannot imagine. Sign me up!



Cripes! I thought the 7Up Super Champ and the Community Scorcher were the pinnacle of SRB sophistication, but this is just a whole step up. Just amazing. And you can do this with a new kid in the house!



I already left my SRB cars in the garbage!!!!
A masterpiece!!!! well done men!



Minchia, grandiosa!!! Max



Now this would have to be one of the best sand scorcher i have ever had the joy to run my eyes over>
What a credit to you for building such a realistic and detailed car.
cheers corrie



Nothing short of amazing. You have outdone yourself and we are all in awe!! This represents the true heart of Vintage Tamiya RC.



Nice work! A+



Speechless..... wow! That is what I would dream of having if I had a Sand Scorcher again. This is the ultimate in Tamiya Xtreme... Hope you don't drive it or thrash it, it's picture perfect!!!!!!!



It´s ok I guess.



Wow!! You have done it again.. awesome!!



As a few of you know, I've been quite ill recently. Rad kindly brought this round to show me a few weeks before he went to Wales with it. All I can say is that it was better than any of the medication I was taking at the time. It instantly had me up out of my seat and sent my Blood pressure soaring!! Yet another RC legend has been created by you Rad. I was lucky enough to see this car through the many stages of it's creation, and I think that I still have one or two pictures of it's early 'development' that you seem to have 'forgotten' to include Rad? Who'd like me to post them here in my showroom on TamiyaClub, so everyone can see one or two 'Real' secret methods used by Rad 'The Master Builder' ??? Come on Greatmate, let me share just a few of your build secrets with the TamiyaClub members. I'm sure that they will find it most helpful if one day they decide to try the difficult task of customizing a Beetle body! I'll leave it up to the TC membership shall I Rad? (Rad also remember that I can't run away from you at the moment and that I bleed real easily!)



Wow, thanks for sharing with us humble mortals.. It looks GREAT!!!! Wicked details and superior craftsmanship is what i would call this!.
Yes, the community Scorcher was also 'pretty nice' but this one is AMAZING!
Will also be exciting to se what the other nutter are building for the next 'Beach Crazy' video-shots.




Fantastic, a pure work of art.



excellent build, mate i reallz love the paintings and those great details



Yeh - what they said! ... and you run it !?!?!



Its all been said below, brilliant work of art



Amazing ..... !!!!



Rad you are THE man on TC!!! As usual you are setting the level that us mere mortals could only ever dream of reaching!!! I now have a face like a bucket of slapped ****s knowing that i will never be able to make such a thing of beauty!!! Will have to come over one day with my little one to meet your little one. Maybe we can get them started early in the world of Tamiya RC!?!?! Take it easy. Paul



ehmmm, Rad, will a nice SRB Ranger be the next step? I am a real pick-up lover and since you made the RR and the SS, the Ranger could be the next SRB....???



WOW!!!!! I too am speechless, just amazing work rad!!! Thanks for sharing!!



This is simply icredible! Top Notch work! But i not agree that it's better than 7UP Super Champ or Red Bull Scorcher. Surely this is one of the best ever seen, but no one step more than 7up Super Champ imho are at the same level!

the green beetle


One word: WOW!!!!!!!!!!





Wow! This has to be the best SS on TC by far! Straight to favourites for this one.

Crash Cramer


Toys, They are NOT. WOW another rolling masterpiece.



What a stunning piece!

You can enter it to the Tamiya Stars SIG without any question!




Wasn't the bar high enough already?



Can i have a go?



Truly the most incredible piece of work i have seen and impossible as i have found to do it justice with just pictures. It's going to look amazing on film mate and hopefully do it the justice it deserves and reward your incredible dedication, skills and hard work.

Dino F


Ha Ha!!! ive caressed the gentle curves of this beauty, (i mean the car) and believe me, this is one awesome machine in the flesh. Good going Rad.

Bin ^jammin^


Would love to see a few more build shots, this is a true work of art.



Stunning work Rad! Great success !!



WOOOOW ! ...speechless... i love it !!! to my favourites !



Beetle with a ducktail - love it !! Stunning Rad - can't wait to see it in the flesh!!



I can't believe I missed this one! Exellent and innovative work on a very high level! Great detailing and composition (although I still don't dig the gold tire lettering - white would pop better IMHO).

Rad - you are rad, dude!



My god mate! I don't know how i missed this but I'm glad I found it now! I'm in awe! The craftsmanship and level of detail are just amazing! That is a truely stunning car! The bar has been raised beyond belief!!

Crash Cramer


Great work and a link to Oli's Scorchy would be the only thing I could think of this needs. I am still recuperating from the 1/35th version and its attention to your original details. Stunning work on both of them, you two should be commended for your abilities. 'I am not worthy' as Wayne might say.



I just had to come back and ogle this one again, you should print posters of this and sell them!! Just amazing!!



Sa...lamin`, hanging out for the new dvd. I`m relly liking these bugs. Well done.

SRB Bloke


Awesome, looks great on 101. keep them coming. Whats the next one going to be like



i come here often to sit and ponder and draw inspiration. anyone with intimate knowlegde of this kit in original form, and the ways of styrene, metalwork, paint and electronics can really grasp the magnitude of what had to transpire for such a dream to be realized.



RC Model Cars use to be Toys, but that all stopped.. HERE!!! ..and thereafter they became REAL CARS..! Period.
Master Craftmanship by a Master..! >>>rad22rad<<<



very special work i hope one day i will be able to produce models half as good !!!Art in motion!!!



I was told by a friend and TC member to have a look at your work (kougercat - Kevin) and your cars are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I will be adding a few of your cars straight to my favourites. I hope that one day i will have something like this. Breathtaking!!!!




super sexy
and what i really can't get over is the fact you never built me one???
I thought we where mate's? you do realise your off my xmas card list !!!
The greatest scorcher of all time!!!



OMG - Cannot believe I have never seen this before. Totally blown away.

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