Model: (Click to see more) 99984: Nichimo
Status: New built
Date: 20-Sep-2008
Comments: 5
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First off, I want to say THANKS to Davecat for selling me his Nichimo MidShips, it was the last model I needed to complete my collection. Davecat is a TOP NOTCH, honest seller and it was a great experience buying from him. I never thought in a million years that I would get one of these, they are sooo rare, especially a New Built one. Davecat did an Excellent job building this all the way down to paint and decals. I have always been one to buy the odd and rare r/c models, I think this is one of the RAREST out there. I do love my Tamiya's but enjoy my Nichimo's even more, I would sell all my other r/c cars before even thinking of selling my Nichimo's. Enjoy the pics





Wow -great collection of cars! Nice one

Crash Cramer


Wow, I am getting some sick feeling of want for the Midships. It is so interesting and cool looking. I must say, you need to paint those other two tires and I am trying to figure out if the Vantage and Luminous are swapped in front of their boxes. Thanks for sharing this rare and weird, but cool car.



Very nice and a car with a lot going on! Yup Dave is fantastic to deal with, can agree with you there...



Hi. Thanks for the comments. I did not notice that the two passenger side tires aren't painted until you said something, i'll have to get on that right away.



Thanks for the great feedback Pete. It was a pleasure to deal with you also. Your Nichimo collection looks fantastic and I am very to have helped you. Regards Dave

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