Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
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Date: 22-Sep-2008
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Hi all, little tip i thought i would share. I took my Blackfoot of the shelf to give it a once over, thought i would give it a run last friday then realised the screw holes on the trailing arms were cracked. I had a bash with superglue, but it didnt fix it properly. So...... heres what i came up with using meccano! All you need is a dremel, a drill, some meccano and 4 nuts and bolts!

This 'tip' isnt up there with the best, but its a handy one.

Basically, its just a case of dremmeling away enough of the rear arms so the meccano pieces can be fitted in place. My new mounting hole, sits exactly where the old one would, if it hadnt broken off!

Please read on..... any questions, fire away!

Thanks, and kind regards


I think you can see the problem. This is how much i dremmelled off the front..... and the rear...... Drill two holes...... Heres the meccano in place, (front) and rear...... Sorted!!!




great money saving tip.



I like these kind of repairs. This is exactly how we (or our fathers) fixed our cars when we were young. Home made bits that really did the trick and which lasted much longer than the original plastic. Great!



Old plastic is a drag. It becomes fragile over the years. Bought my self a old Hotshot for running before the re-re. Looked ok after strip down and 'grease-up' even though most of the treads were lost in the chassis. After just a few runs there were cracks in EVERY suspension arm! Unfortunately the spares I had were also old stock so by now they all look the same....



Good idea, thanks



Why do we have to come up with this solutions? I always thought that the car designers are paid for this, but the more cars I have I doubt this more and more. I am thinking now, that they design it this way on purpose, so their company can make more money with spare parts. But not with this part anymore. Thanks for sharing this great tip, I hope I will never need it, till now my epoxy glue solution is holding up fine.



Looks excellent! I will try it myself.

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