Model: (Click to see more) 46016: Blackfoot
Status: Project
Date: 22-Sep-2008
Comments: 1
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after buying the chassis and a clod shell from fellow TC Member Wrightpumpkin (thanks mate!) for a bargain price, I thought it was about time i put it to good use. The chassis was in great condition, so I gave it a good clean, then sprayed it with an aluminium-coloured car spray can and laquered over the top. Looked a bit odd with bright red gearbox and steering axles, so i sprayed them with gloss-black rattle cans, along with the front bumper and the rear gearbox cage. Next-up, I fitted the new gold wheels and Spiked tyres, then fitted the Blackfoot shell with its custom roll-bar. My son was pretty happy with it! Not going to run this one tho, as it doesn't have any radio gear fitted. Plus I don't think the paint will take too much bashing!

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Yea, thats it, a great looking Ford Blackfoot.

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