Model: (Click to see more) 58093: Bear Hawk
Status: How To Guide
Date: 23-Sep-2008
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All you need to get this finish is 2 colours of paint, you can use 3, some lacquer & some cling film yes go in that kitchen & get some cling film.
First spray the body with the first coat in my case i used red, leave it to dry overnight then spray on the black & while the paint is still wet bung a strip of cling film over the wet paint & then peel off carefully & this gives you the finish.
Then all you do is cover the body in lacquer till smooth i used blue & silver metal flake in my lacquer but you can use what you want Just clear lacquer holographic metal flake coloured metal flake the sky is the limit.
Just experiment with paint.
Next how to, is how to anodise you ally parts on the cheap with paint, looks like the real thing.

im no David Bailey picture isnt that good.

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