Model: (Click to see more) 99963: Robbe
Status: Restored
Date: 30-Sep-2008
Comments: 2
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A robbe Presto 4x4 which for sure took part in some races in the 83's or 84's. It came to me with a lot of work to do, but very complete; lexan body, roll cage, servos RS700, engine in good condition and ancient receiver FM.
I removed all unnecessary parts, cleaned it, repaired the servos and changed shock absorbers into vintage ones from the SVM Crono. Good reliability, only the chain is the weakpoint and a homemade tensor is needed.
Very funny to drive, run condition

As it came to me lexan body instead of roll cage Once repaired


Road Burner


I really like the different look of the lexan body.



Yes, definitely the lexan body gives to the car a powerful and different aspect. It is difficult to find such part.

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