Model: (Click to see more) 58232: Juggernaut
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Oct-2008
Comments: 5
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A nice standard juggernaut i originally only wanted some wheels/tyres but was offered this at a good price complete with radio gear, ESC, battery & Pro Peak fast/slow charger. I may play around with the suspension & links etc. it will stay a runner.

Nice & standard Plastic friction shocks will have to go!




pleeeeeaase do not mess with a Juggernaut 1. !! Keep this standard and get a TXT if you want more articulation etc!!! These are collectors items. Mike



I agree with mersey_mike! Also if axles weren't upgraded to Jug-2 version, they won't last more than 15 minutes...



Seriously, keep it standard as they are very rare now, especially if it does still retain the weaker gearbox, drive shaft and axle parts. (if the axle cased dont have '2000' on them, then they are original juggy parts!)



I have just looked & the axles don't have 2000 on them, & i never noticed before they also have an extra little cover detail moulded in compared to the newer ones, also the drive shafts aren't held together with e-clips(is that good?) So it does look like i have a (proper) original Jugg! Not that good for me though as i want to run it so it may be up for sale/trade? Whats it worth? Anyone interested?



I wouldn't run it - it has the very weak gears in the axles. The drive shafts were also prone to falling apart, and the central gearbox case would melt if it was ran for long enough.

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