Model: (Click to see more) 99997: Marui
Status: Runner
Date: 6-Oct-2008
Comments: 3
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I bought this Samurai as a BIN on ebay! It came with DirtBurners aluminum side guards and wing. It has been cleaned and rebuilt with bearings, Sport tuned 540, and will soon go on a test run! I have used a Scollins type 'bracket' in the spot of the speed control servo to hold the ESC, which was also done with my first Samurai, thanks again for the idea, Steve! A Tamiya driver figure was added, and I just need to figure out a body replacement, something aluminum!!! I love these buggies, as finicky and fragile as they are.

Jeez, the wing big enough??

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Sand Scorchin^ Good Time




Very nice - love the Sams



what bracket did I do you are refering to??? My memory is shot lately!

Road Burner


Ha! The bracket you used to hide the ESC between the rails of the F-350! I made mine out of easy to work with aluminum flashing!

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