Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Restored
Date: 10-Oct-2008
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Restored 1996 Yokomo YZ-10 W.C.S. 'Mark Pavidis' edition with '97 shock absorber top deck conversion and machined, polished multi-piece alloy motor mount.
I believe the idea of the shock absorber on the top deck came from Yokomo's early 1/10th electric scale touring cars which used it as a tuning option to generate more front grip by allowing the chassis to flex. This then found it way onto the YZ-10 as an upgrade, and later on the MX-4 as standard fit. In the UK most racers binned the MX-4 flexible top deck right away in favour of a rigid part, which made the car more predictible to drive. I guess for the same reason, the YZ-10 '97 topdeck conversion is fairly rare in the UK.

Got ZD-733J kit of '97 shock towers and brace NIP to fit to this car when time allows, just need to find a pair of wheel adaptors to fit MX4 style wheels to bring it up to full 1997 specification.

'Sky hook' towers - ready to be fitted

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The Dodge


wow, love the cars. The wheel disks look awesome, plus two mint unpainted yz-10 bodies are about the rarest thing you'll ever see on TC! If you have a repro supplier please let me know.

Aussie Top Force


Nice Yokomo's. Love all the carbon. Would love to see a top paint job on those shells!

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