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Date: 10-Oct-2008
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There seems to be a 'Look at my catalogues' thing going on over the last couple of weeks, so here we go:
First picture is my complete run of Tamiya yearly catalogues, 1973 to 2007. Most are absolutely mint, some have been eBay wins, but certainly since 1980 I have been buying these with my pocket money... Anyone know when The Big T started doing these 12'-square format catalogues? And WHY OH WHY has Tamiya stopped at 2007? I'm deeply disappointed.
The second picture shows my complete, mint, run of Tamiya Model Magazine International. I bought the first one in 1985 (?) and subscribed from there. The current issue is 156...
These things are great for reference, dreaming of days gone by, and wondering at 1973 prices of 1/12th static kits - £4.50 for a Lotus 72 anyone?

Catalogues, 1973-2007 TMMI #1 - #156

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
R/C Mags from the ^80s







WOW - that's what i'm looking for really great collection

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