Model: (Click to see more) 58395: Durga
Status: NIB
Date: 18-Oct-2008
Comments: 2
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What can i say, bling bling for durga, quite an interesting buggy, almost all the parts the same as my TRF501XF.

Okay:- What I have used so far and update:

Tamiya Parts

51275 TRF501X F parts (front lower arms) 700

51279 TRF501X R parts (rear lower arms) 700

53963 TRF501X Stablilizer Set 1,300

51282 TRF501X X parts(damper retainer) 500

54015 DB01 Assembly Universal shaft(front) 2,400

54016 DB01 Assembly Universal shaft(rear) 2,400

54017 DB01 Front One-Way Set 4,000

54024 DB01 Titanium Screw Set 4,600

54033 DB01 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (diff cover) 1,200

54037 DB01 Aluminum Suspension Mount(front) 1,400

54038 DB01 Aluminum Suspension mount(rear) 1,400

54039 DB01 Aluminum Suspension Block(2pcs) 1,300 x 2

54040 DB01 Motor Heat Sink 700

54041 DB01 Carbon Reinforced Chassis 4,600

54051 Aluminum Centre One-Way Pulley(18T) 3,000 Not used with double slipper

54061 DB01 Double Slipper Clutch Set 6,000

3 Racing Damper Set (affordable but need to mod to fit)

team novak 5.5R brushless system

Sanwa ERG-VR Servo

Specktrum dsm3000

spares spur gear, heat sink, alu mount, blocks, CVDs, 1way pully, front 1way, titianums, slipper Carbon reinforce Chassis, Diff covers, 501 arms 3racings dampers, belts, stablizers, 501 stickers The NIB Durga

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I like Bling and used to buy most hop-ups for any particular car but I am having to control my wallet this time round. Can't wait to see the finished buggy.



do you think the db-01 shell will fit on
a df-02 ?

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