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Status: Extra info
Date: 20-Oct-2008
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The first instalment of photos from the Cider Bashers Halloween 'Meat' from deep within the haunted woods that surround the village of Poobegon.

The winner of the Halloween Car Costume was YOURS TRULY with my 'Beast' - the 14.4v Wild Dagger.

Apologies for the grainy photos, since I was shooting lots of action under thick leaves I chose ISO 1600, so I didn't need the flash.

THE WINNER!! Good weather, too Ghost Car was just awesome Some say Black Stig will keeell you! Contest entries

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Jonny Retro


Love the ghost



That dagger was simply awesome!!!!

Bag Of Badgers


Top work on the Dagger and I loved the way the ghost skimmed the ground!

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