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Date: 20-Oct-2008
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Take a 14.4v Clod with 3 wheel drive and a slippery path covered with fallen leaves.

Rabied Mushroom thought her fun was over when her Clod snapped an axle shaft during a 14.4v hillclimb, but the fun was just about to start! With naughty power running through the tuned 540 motors, this poor abused Clod performed most amusing stunts.

The most interested was the Leafy Spintacular - a full-throttle, full-lock donut through the dusty path. I've never seen a Clod respond quite like this before - a full-on high-speed 360 degree spin around the centre of the chassis. Dust, leaves and dog eggs were let fly, without fear or confusion up into the sky.

Look forward to Lemming's video of this thing in action - true brilliance!

The pics don't do it justice tee-hee-hee! The path travel'd Sick Clod - 3x4x4 Still provides awesome fun Poor abused 540s being violated by 14.4v power!

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Look like really fast donutsus in the first two pictures, your camera cant follow it.

Mad Ax


Wait for the video from Lemming, you'll see just how fast it was spinning! I was shooting at ISO 1600 and even that wasn't fast enough to capture it in the first two shots!



Go Draggin Go! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PooBeGone! Just wait for Lemming's video...



Seperate video to follow shortly!

Bag Of Badgers


I felt dizzy just watching it.

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